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Mr. James Heuer

Welcome to West Prairie Junior/Senior High School.

We are a small, rural school district in west central Illinois. We are committed to providing the best education possible to help our students succeed.

Our students take advantage of the many extra curricular activities including, our award winning FFA program, and more. We believe in the power of education to provide opportunities for our students and their futures.


Cole Cordell

Senior–Cole Cordell -Cole’s parents are Jen and Chad Cordell. Cole always puts in the effort to do quality work. He is a quiet leader and role model for his peers. Cole is always very respectful to every adult.

Kendra Fowler

Junior–Kendra Fowler -Kendra is the daughter of Jason and Amanda Fowler. Kendra always gives 100% when completing work. She is respectful, positive, an excellent role model, and always on task.

Hailie Hendrix

Sophomore–Hailie Hendrix -Hailie is the daughter of Emilie Hendrix. Hailie is willing to try new things that are out of her comfort zone. She is willing to speak up in public about issues in which she is passionate.

Braydon Gray

Freshman–Braydon Gray - Braydon’s mom is Jessica Sorrels. Braydon is polite to everyone, gets along with his classmates, and is a mentor to his peers. He works hard at his academics and is involved in school activities.

Brylee Elliot

8th Grade–Brylee Elliott. Brylee’s parents are Casey and Danielle Elliott. Brylee is a great student to have in class. She isn't afraid of putting in the hard work and is very meticulous in the work she does in the classroom. She also keeps her "eyes on the prize," and doesn't let the social aspect of school deter her from her academic goals.

Tyson Carnes

7th Grade–Tysen’s parents are Willie and Kayla Carnes. Tysen exemplifies what it means to be a student in control. From the moment he steps into a classroom to the moment he steps out, he is 100% engaged and giving it his all. He works with others with kindness and respect, never making a classmate feel less than or inferior.